About in Motion Eternal


In Motion Eternal was created in order to serve as an outlet to deliver high quality, informative, and useful information in a sea of false profundity and pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Travel is something truly amazing, and it deserves to be written about with a proper level of regard. It changes, it shapes, it opens, it closes, it shows, explains, and understands. That said, it does not automatically bestow such knowledge and wisdom upon the traveler. Two months in Germany does not automatically make one German, nor does six weeks in Argentina simply invalidate every Western habit that one has been brought up with since childhood.

To gain meaning and knowledge from travel, humility and a critical mind must rule the day.

Therefore, In Motion Eternal is a call to the world, to reject the current nadir of inanity, and make quality content, without regard to quantity.



In Motion Eternal is written by an American college student currently attending a university with a highly international student body that moves to a different location each semester. The rotation will cover seven cities across four continents. He has also spent an exchange year in Germany. Other students from the same program guest write, and share their knowledge, experiences, and expertise.

Sponsorship Policy:

The blog is monetized to support its upkeep costs and lessen the opportunity cost of dedicating time to its construction and updating. Monetization may be implemented through the use of personal credit card referrals, or an ad-serving network. Although credit cards are a focus, they are by no means the only theme that the site wishes to cover. Travel stories, tales from home, photography, flying, study-abroad, and long-term immersion travel are other major themes.


If anyone wishes to contact the author, please send an email to inmotioneternal@gmail.com.