Long-Term AirBnB Stays

Long-Term AirBnB Stays

AirBnB is primarily used as a source of lodging for vacations, businesses trips, and assorted short to middling length jaunts. One less common, but possibly more useful and unique use for AirBnB is subletting and/or long-term stays.

I have personally used this service extensively over the past two years, primarily to book summer accommodations in New York. Each time, I have made a booking for a little over ten weeks at very short notice for such a long stay. The first time, it took me three tries to

At many locations users receive a monthly discount rate instead of a week discount. I have personally seen this monthly discount range between 5% and 40% off the usual nightly rate. After booking, the full payment is not charged to the card, but rather only the first month, with each subsequent month being charged just before it starts.

After this discount, the rate for many short term accommodations are competitive to the price to rent an apartment from a traditional landlord. The key difference and benefit though, is that payments can be made with a credit card (helps hit minimum spends), the accommodation contract is clear from the beginning, legally binding, and standardized, and you have the customer service (however minimal) to help facilitate the transaction. This backend structure can help the stay go more smoothly and provides a support network if anything goes wrong during your stay.

Most hosts want to communicate with you a little before accepting the request for such a long period if they also live in the Airbnb. This is important for both parties as you are essentially taking on a long-term roommate with very little knowledge about who that person is.

When looking to book a long-term Airbnb, users should keep a few things in mind.

  1. Don’t book the first Instant Booking available room that you see in your price range. It’s usually perfectly fine to wait and scan the market.
  2. Send requests to as many Airbnb’s as possible that meet your minimum criteria. A wealth of possibilities is always helpful when doing a final evaluation before booking.
  3. Talk to the hosts before going through with a reservation. You need to at least marginally seem compatible or the next three months are going to be unpleasant for both of you.
  4. After doing all of the above, make sure that your choice remains within your budget. Although it may only seem like a little more per night or week, it definitely adds up over time.

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