Delta SkyMiles Devaluation

Delta SkyMiles Devaluation

Delta, Delta, Delta. Why hath you done this to us? Last week Delta did it again, and devalued the SkyMiles program overnight with no warning. International redemptions on partner airlines were hit especially hard. It seems that routes within the US are unaffected for the most part, as are routes with a leg flown on Delta metal. What this effectively does however, is further devalue the Delta SkyMiles program. For anyone with a sizable cache of miles, they are effectively worth substantially less in redemption value now. In honor of this new dishonorable act, I have created a list of names that Delta can use as it further devalues its SkyMiles program far into the future.

Q4 2016: Skypeso was the first widely used pejorative for the venerable old SkyMile. But now, I think that implies far too much value. After all, there are a whole 18.77 pesos (Mexican) per dollar. (As of writing)

Q1 2017: Skywon – 1145 won per dollar – seems to be of sufficiently low value

Q3 2017: HyperSkyflater – Losing value everyday, also bring a wheelbarrow’s worth to buy a loaf of bread

Q1 2018: Skybit – Like Bitcoin, except worth way less and ten times more volatile

Q3 2018: WeimSkyar – Born during an uneasy peace, printed to the point of irrelevance, worthless to have in the end

Q1 2019: Zimbabwean SkyMile – So worthless they’re going to run out of zeros on the sign up bonus ad

Q3 2019: Low Delta – Like low-T, but infinitely worse

Q1 2020: The Hand We’re Delt – Equivalent to a 7-2 offsuit in charity Texas Hold’em

Q3 2020: Skyi – A value so low it’s imaginary, also known as the square-root of -1


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